よるです。20 yo, Brazil. I'm Gustavo Floering, also known as Yoruw or Yoru Aoimoto.
I love japanese fashion, visual kei, art, music, games, BJDs, anime/manga, fantasy, paganism and some other stuff.
Main blog: http://freakyjapan.tumblr.com/
Feb 4th | 2 notes Dúlamán is an Irish folk song. The text of the song relates to the Irish practice of gathering seaweed for various purposes, dating from lean times when seaweed was valuable as a defense against famine. It details the discussion between “dúlamán Gaelach” (a collector of seaweed for dyeing clothes) and “dúlamán maorach” (a collector of seaweed to be cooked and eaten). The latter wishes to marry the daughter of the former, and makes various arguments and entreaties for this purpose, finally declaring that he will simply take her away. The traditional refrain of the song is: Dúlamán na binne buí, dúlamán Gaelach Dúlamán na farraige, b’fhearr a bhí in Éirinn This translates as: Seaweed from the yellow cliff, Irish seaweed Seaweed from the ocean, it’s the best in all of Ireland. I made this after listening Omnia. You can find the music here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu4nuRIywRc
Jan 27th | 5 notes A drawing made to me by Quihoma Isaac! ♥ 
Jan 27th | 3 notes Me and Tyla! <:
Jan 27th | 15 notes freakyjapan:

Hot like the sun; wet like the rain; green like the leaves.
Jan 27th | 139 notes freakyjapan:

Me as a green fae ♥
Jan 27th | 2 notes freakyjapan:

New painting! I’m preparing for my 1st expo!
Nov 1st | 6 notes maybe a mix of mori & dolly kei
Oct 13th | 24 notes When I grow up, I want to be a forester
Run through the moss on high heels ♪
me and Camila F. 
Oct 11th | 6 notes my lovely long shirt ♥
Oct 11th | 5 notes Make up test (°◇°;) and yeah I know my septum piercing n horns are crooked lol